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We understand that it can be complex to specify a medical condition and it can be multi-layered. The below information is just to give us a snapshot and we will gather all information during the consultation

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Transportation information

The make and model of the vehicle will inform which products we recommend. It is also necessary that the noted vehicle is present at the initial consulation appointment.

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To assist our admin team to co-ordinate a suitable appointment time, please give us an idea of your availability.

Service agreement fees

1. Initial consultation fee is $165.00 + GST per hour or part thereof within the Brisbane CBD.

2. For locations outside of the Brisbane CBD, travel time will be added to the consultation fee at a rate of $165 per hour or part thereof.

3. Additional consultations or delivery and installation of items quoted, will be charged as per the above fees.

4. The initial consultation will be invoiced on completion of the appointment.

5. A quote for delivery, installation, supply of agreed products e.g. child car restraint, modifications, harnesses or accessories will accompany the invoice.

6. Consultation fee/s are payable by client if funding is not approved/ available and regardless of the quotation being accepted.

7. Delivery and installation can be arranged once the quote has been accepted and subsequent invoice/ quote paid.

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to quotes / invoices supplied for consultation services by Kidsafe QLD at an agreed location. We also wish to ensure you or your client is travelling safely in a car / bus as per the Qld Road Rules for a child/adult with a disability or medical condition.

We use the following term:

“Kidsafe QLD” means Kidsafe Queensland Inc.

“Client”, “you”, or “your” means your service / organisation or individual (parent / carer)


Quotes are estimates based upon the products / modifications / accessories trialed at the consultation with the client and or other party. Quotes are subject to change in the event of product price increases. Quotes are only valid for 90 days from the date of issue. All quotes are GST inclusive.

Venue/location and workplace safety

All parties are required to ensure that the inspection site has been assessed as suitable for Kidsafe QLD staff to provide service (refer to Risk Assessment Policy on Kidsafe Qld website).

Code of conduct

Requires workers and providers who deliver NDIS supports to: 

  • Respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions. 

  • Respect the privacy of people with disability.

  • Provide support and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill

  • Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency

  • Promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the qualityand safety of supports provided to people with disability

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse ofpeople with disability

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.

Payment terms

Ensure client has funding available for the service and products

Fees are payable upon approval from NDIS or agreed party/client. The client agrees to pay the invoice amount within 14 days of receipt of an invoice. 

If the quote is not approved or client decides not to proceed with quoted items the consultation fee for the trial will be payable by the client. Payment terms are 14 days from date of Invoice.

Delivery of order

Products will be delivered and installed once the quotation has been accepted and subsequently paid in full. Delivery is subject to stock availability. Kidsafe Qld do not keep large quantities of stock on hand and may at times experience delay in the receiving stock that is out of our control.

Completion of service agreement

The service agreement will cease once all approved products have been supplied and installed by Kidsafe Qld, or Kidsafe Qld has been notified by parties involved they no longer wish to proceed. At this stage any applicable consultation fee/s must be paid in full

Re-trial / 2nd consultations:

Fees for subsequent consultations are applicable as per our service agreement.


At our discretion we may invoice for any work or expenses if any consultation is cancelled within 12 hours of the confirmed date and time of the booked service or not attended.

Product/ service satisfaction

If you or the client have any concerns regarding a service or product provided by Kidsafe Qld please contact Kidsafe Qld directly on 3854 1829 or email qld@kidsafeqld.com.au 

Kidsafe Qld is not responsible for any damage caused to product supplied due to misuse. Product warranties will apply and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure warranty terms and conditions have been met. 

Alternatively, contact National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguards Commission www.ndiscommission.gov.au/about/complaints


It is agreed that employees of Kidsafe QLD shall not at any time either during the consultation or thereafter, divulge any confidential information about the client to anyone whatsoever without the client’s consent in writing.

By signing you agree that you have read and understood Kidsafe Qld's terms and conditions and service agreement.

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